A passion waiting to be ignited

5 September 2023

Creating this collection of cigar boxes, Pineider enlisted the assistance of an undisputed authority in the world of Italian tobacco, who shared the secrets of a rich and unique experience.   “Tobacco is not to be smoked, is to be savored,” says Terry Nesti, a prominent figure in the cigar industry for over twenty years […]

Jewelry box and holder by Pineider

29 June 2023

In Western culture, the jewelry box has been an object of great importance since ancient times. Since then, it has been used to safely and securely store jewelry and other valuables, becoming a symbol of elegance and style. Over the years, its function has been reinterpreted, and today it can also be used as a […]

The pleasure of traveling. Even while staying still

23 June 2023

Created to make a journey around the world unforgettable, the Pineider travel bags set is also perfect for enriching a domestic environment with valuable content. Pineider travel bags evoke intrinsic elegance, a sophisticated combination of style and functionality. Each bag carries the genetic heritage of sophisticated and courageous explorers, heroes of an era when travel […]

Tempi Moderni: the new Pineider pen

1 June 2023

Meet the new entry in the Pineider family: a pen inspired by the fuselage of the first jet aircraft. To make the handwriting even lighter and more comfortable. Since 1774 Pineider has been launching some of the most iconic pens ever without giving up on technological research and innovation. In fact, the Florentine artisans has […]

Tempi moderni

How to refill a cartridge fountain pen

17 May 2023

In the wonderful world of calligraphy, writing is art, and each stroke is a work of art in itself. When you use a high-quality fountain pen to write, you learn to appreciate its elegance and functionality and, therefore, you need to take good care of it. It is therefore important to refill the pen, refill […]

penna pineider con boccetta inchiostro

Touch down: the innovative and colorful fountain pen

18 April 2023

Avatar Traveler combines the typical characteristics of the avatar collection, resistance of the material, magnetic closure, clip with refined mechanics, a filling system that allows not only a great autonomy of writing, but also a great safety use. Travel without the worry of having ink leaks and without to be obliged to carry your fountain […]

Types of handwriting: elegant cursive

17 April 2023

Handwriting is an ancient art that has undergone many evolutions over the centuries. There are several types of cursive handwriting, each with its own distinctive identity and characteristics. Some of the most common are Italic or Italian cursive, which has an emphasis on artistic calligraphy; American cursive or Spencerian cursive, which has an elegant and […]

5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day «You can’t go wrong»

9 March 2023

We asked Paolo, the store manager of our Milan boutique, which gifts a dad will never forget. «That for the children is the greatest love of all, for this reason every gift I have received from Gaia is an indelible memory». Paolo Percudani, store manager of the Pineider boutique in Milan, prepares every year for […]

Poetry belongs to paper

20 February 2023

Subscription is open for the poetry course organized by the Molly Bloom and Pineider Academy “Writing flows from hand to paper, recreating sounds, voices and worlds that no artificial intelligence can yet invent”. This is how Gilda Policastro, poet, writer and professor at the Molly Bloom Academy in Rome, describes the indissoluble link between handwriting […]

Psycho Wins the Pen Award

1 November 2022

Dante Del Vecchio, Master pen maker of Pineider told us about the characteristics of the pen that won the most important international competition. We met Dante del Vecchio to ask him more about his creations. Below is an excerpt from our interview. What inspired you when you have created the Psycho pen? Like every creation […]