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From the collaboration between Pineider and Carolina Bucci comes the Lucky Stationery Set, a collection of eight cards dedicated to the origins of the brand founded by the Florentine designer.

Carolina Bucci has nurtured her passion for handwriting and the history of Florentine stationery for years using Pineider products, to the point of wanting to crown this love story with a collaboration between her eponymous jewelry brand, characterized by playful design and a carefree appeal, and the Florentine brand. Following the pencil set and the precious passion boxes, the new chapter of this adventure is called the Lucky Stationery Set, a collection of eight cards dedicated to the styles with which Carolina launched her brand in the UK 20 years ago. We asked her to tell us about them.

What do the eight Lucky Cards represent?

“Each of these eight cards represents a wish, and these wishes correspond to the charms on the first eight Lucky Bracelets that I launched 20 years ago. They are the bracelets that gave life to the ‘Carolina Bucci’ brand, and this tribute wants to celebrate the anniversary by starting from the origins, namely from the spirit of expressing wishes.”

Why did you choose Pineider for this tribute?

“Growing up in Florence, Pineider has always been present in the important occasions of my life: every invitation, every letter received, even my birth announcement was on Pineider stationery. It’s a brand that has a truly unique story, I love the way it has maintained its tradition while not being afraid to venture into new worlds with a contemporary vision.”

In your view, what links the world of jewelry to that of handwriting?

“Jewelry and handwriting share extremely tactile experiences: much of our daily life is becoming more and more digital, which is why I wanted to maintain physical touchpoints in our lives. I love receiving handwritten notes: they reflect slower, more thoughtful decisions that are really in tune with my way of thinking about jewelry. Neither of these worlds has to do with fashion or trends, but rather with the expression of who you truly are.”

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