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From our encounter with Charles Jeffrey, the founder of the LOVERBOY brand, a wildly imaginative creative explosion emerged, giving birth to a monstrous yet fascinating capsule collection.

Charles Jeffrey only needs sheets of paper and notebooks within arm’s reach to channel his overflowing creative brilliance. No collection by the Scottish fashion designer has ever come to life without first filling pages upon pages with sketches and thoughts. This is why his instant affection for Pineider was inevitable.

From his small room in East London, Charles has gained international acclaim in recent years for his avant-garde designs. His work blends Scottish folklore with the vibrant queer nightlife and music scenes of London into a kaleidoscopic tapestry that speaks to a diverse audience. Deeply inspired by the inherent magic of queerness, Charles conjures dreamlike landscapes in fashion, continually adding new layers to his narrative each season. His designs are imbued with a radical sensibility, emphasizing inclusivity and freedom of expression.

Today, thanks to Pineider, Charles brings his unique and anarchic sensibility to a wider audience with a capsule collection of small and medium leather goods. Each design in this collaboration springs from the designer’s hand, featuring whimsical and personal touches like the “Big Beastie” print – a vibrant, multiform creature with fantastical features and numerous eyes symbolizing the deep desires that dwell within human nature and its most hidden passions.

The collection includes a Business Duffle, a Crossbody, a Pouch, a Notebook, a Business Card Holder, and a Passport Holder, all in bottle green and black Mini-Franzi. This aligns with the prestigious luxury leather and stationery brand, whose timeless quality is now recognized even in the Anglo-Saxon territories.

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