Pineider magazine

The storytelling of Pineider’s latest collection as told by the creatives who illustrated it in the new social campaign.

Pineider’s journey to discover timeless elegance becomes a tribute to passions. The protagonists of the new Spring/Summer 2024 collection are travel, games, and sports, both in their outdoor dimensions and in more intimate settings. “The key to this project is authenticity,” explains Federica Trotta, the art director who brought this creative impulse to life through the videos and photographic shots of the SS24 campaign. “The idea was to create two distinct stories – one set in an indoor environment and the other in an outdoor setting – centered around a friendship. We wanted to capture the genuine essence of relationships, everyday life, and passions by offering the audience an experience that goes beyond the mere presentation of products, but dives into the very heart of human connection.”

“With a careful and sensitive eye for detail,” Federica continues, “we aim to convey the brand’s story in an engaging and authentic manner, merging past, present, and future. The models embody a combination of freshness and sophistication that harmonizes beautifully with a refined style. The goal, in fact, is to make the product feel like an integral part of a lifestyle, creating an emotional bond between the customer and the craftsmanship that has always distinguished the Florentine brand.”

Among the ingredients of the “indoor” story is also an elevator, “an apparently common space that becomes the catwalk of human personality. Every shot thus becomes a statement of style, an ode to the diversity we can offer every day. The same goes for the ‘outdoor’ chapter, which is a plunge into everyday life where the front door becomes the stage for an urban lookbook where past and present blend in perfect harmony in the chronicle of a typical day of two always-on-the-move friends.”

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