How to Refill Your Ballpoint Pen

11 April 2024

Ballpoint pens are timeless writing instruments, synonymous with style and practicality. Their versatility makes them perfect for all occasions, from jotting down quick reminders to penning lengthy letters. However, to achieve maximum performance and fully utilize their potential, it is crucial to know how to properly refill a ballpoint pen. Below, you’ll find all the […]

Charles Jeffrey, Colab on Arrival

13 March 2024

Our capsule collection, born from the collaboration with Charles Jeffrey, the visionary founder of LOVERBOY, marks a decisive moment in our creative journey. Available for online preorder, this collection is the result of a vibrant encounter between two worlds: our commitment to creating luxury products and Jeffrey’s artistic boldness. Launched in January at our Milan […]

Behind the scenes of elegance: Pineider presents the SS24

26 February 2024

The storytelling of Pineider’s latest collection as told by the creatives who illustrated it in the new social campaign. Pineider’s journey to discover timeless elegance becomes a tribute to passions. The protagonists of the new Spring/Summer 2024 collection are travel, games, and sports, both in their outdoor dimensions and in more intimate settings. “The key […]

Our story, for you

10 November 2023

On the occasion of the upcoming Black Friday, Pineider is opening its archives to the public for an exclusive private sale full of unique and iconic pieces. The founding of Pineider is an important chapter in the history of Tuscan tannery, one of the most sought-after and exclusive manufacturing traditions in the luxury world centered […]

Writing Badly to Self Love

30 October 2023

Pineider and Tatuaggimale launch a collaboration dedicated to primal writing, a tribute to the love of a gesture born with the sole purpose of changing the world. With words. The passion for handwriting in all its forms has led Pineider to encounter creatives of all kinds united by the search for a new raison d’être […]

Would a Pen By Any Other Name Smell As Sweet? (It Seems Unlikely)

16 October 2023

Pineider, the luxury leather-goods maker and purveyor of exquisite writing instruments, brings their distinctly Florentine artistry to the New World. By Daniele Delerme Flores On a recent visit to Pineider’s new atelier at Rockefeller Center in the heart of Manhattan – new, of course, being a relative term as the location has been open for […]

Back to School. The Art of Handwriting

14 September 2023

Pineider’s beautiful handwriting courses are back in their boutiques. An opportunity to rediscover the forgotten pleasure of an ancient and subversive act: writing by hand. “In the digital age, paper and pen preserve the delicate beauty of everything that cannot be replicated. The slant of ‘l,’ the intricacies of ‘g,’ ink smudges, the spacing between […]

The Art of Improvisation – Bookbinding as an Art Form

12 September 2023

Bookbinding is a tradition that promotes the value of experimentation and reuse. Pineider is making this tradition accessible to everyone today. Workshops, pastimes, initiation rituals: a bookbinding course is much more than just a playful diversion. In the art of joining sheets of paper to create a book, there is a philosophy of life hidden […]

Working never tires (in the office of dreams)

6 September 2023

Attention to detail can transform the workplace into a “Realm of Ideas” where you can cultivate your creative potential. Just a few accessories, but the right ones, like those Pineider has created to make the office a unique place. In September, you won’t miss the beach umbrella: it may sound like one of those ironic […]

A passion waiting to be ignited

5 September 2023

Creating this collection of cigar boxes, Pineider enlisted the assistance of an undisputed authority in the world of Italian tobacco, who shared the secrets of a rich and unique experience.   “Tobacco is not to be smoked, is to be savored,” says Terry Nesti, a prominent figure in the cigar industry for over twenty years […]