A passion waiting to be ignited

5 September 2023

Creating this collection of cigar boxes, Pineider enlisted the assistance of an undisputed authority in the world of Italian tobacco, who shared the secrets of a rich and unique experience.   “Tobacco is not to be smoked, is to be savored,” says Terry Nesti, a prominent figure in the cigar industry for over twenty years […]

The Allure of Tarot Cards: A Journey into the Ancient Art of Divination

10 August 2023

An intriguing ensemble of Arcana has been meticulously crafted by the master engravers at Pineider, breathing life into a set that captivates enthusiasts of the occult. In a preview event, the renowned tarologist Caterina Tritto showcased her skill, unveiling the hidden mysteries behind the most enigmatic cards of humanity. Enclosed within the elegant Pineider case, […]

The best selection of personalized leather bags

26 June 2023

Personalized leather bags are the epitome of elegance and luxury. If you are looking for an extremely refined option to express your singular personality, Pineider bags are excellent for you. Pineider offers you a wide range of fine leather handbags, made with masterful craftsmanship and customizable to your most demanding desires. Whether you want to […]

The pleasure of traveling. Even while staying still

23 June 2023

Created to make a journey around the world unforgettable, the Pineider travel bags set is also perfect for enriching a domestic environment with valuable content. Pineider travel bags evoke intrinsic elegance, a sophisticated combination of style and functionality. Each bag carries the genetic heritage of sophisticated and courageous explorers, heroes of an era when travel […]

How to clean your fountain pen: Pineider tips

15 May 2023

The fountain pen is a valuable and delicate writing instrument that requires special care to ensure maximum performance. Regular cleaning of your Pineider fountain pen helps to preserve its durability and maintain the quality of your writing. In this guide, we will show you how to clean your Pineider fountain pen with the utmost care.  […]

penna pineider smontata

Taking Care of Creativity: Pineider X Poltrona Frau

10 May 2023

As Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote, creativity is like “a flow of consciousness, a state in which a person becomes completely absorbed in an activity for their own pleasure and delight, during which time flies and actions, thoughts, and movements follow one another incessantly.”   We all know how rewarding and fulfilling it is to […]


8 May 2023

TITLE: BACKGAMMON, A MANUAL GAME His tablet has attracted kings, heroes and emperors. But also the skilled hands of Pineider’s Florentine artisans, who paid homage to this game with a precious leather case and a very special instruction booklet. We opened it for you, discovering that… A BIT OF HISTORY Backgammon, in Italian Tavola Reale […]