Pineider magazine

Creating this collection of cigar boxes, Pineider enlisted the assistance of an undisputed authority in the world of Italian tobacco, who shared the secrets of a rich and unique experience.


“Tobacco is not to be smoked, is to be savored,” says Terry Nesti, a prominent figure in the cigar industry for over twenty years and today the national coordinator of events for the Sigaro Toscano brand, introducing his greatest passion. For some years now, Terry has been collaborating with Pineider in crafting a collection of cigar boxes covered in exquisite leather, following the Florentine tradition. These products quickly became some of Pineider’s most sought-after home accessories. Terry reflects on the stages of this collaboration: “My dear friend Filippo Gosi, who was then the director of Pineider’s Florence boutique, involved me in the development of a set dedicated to the passion for cigars. There was a desire to create something different.” The immediate success of their initial collaborations has made the connection between Pineider and Sigaro Toscano a lasting and increasingly creative experience. Today, Pineider boasts a true family of cigar boxes in constant expansion, but the attention to detail remains the same. “The essential characteristic of a humidor,” explains Terry, “is, of course, maintaining internal humidity. A cigar is a living thing and, as such, it feeds on water. What distinguishes Pineider’s range is the quality of wood and leather, both of which are part of the Tuscan tradition that both Pineider and Sigaro Toscano embody.” With the same passion as always.


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