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An intriguing ensemble of Arcana has been meticulously crafted by the master engravers at Pineider, breathing life into a set that captivates enthusiasts of the occult. In a preview event, the renowned tarologist Caterina Tritto showcased her skill, unveiling the hidden mysteries behind the most enigmatic cards of humanity.

Enclosed within the elegant Pineider case, expertly tailored from embossed leather to perfectly fit the shape of the Tarot deck, lie the secrets of a millennia-old passion. We had the privilege of engaging with Caterina Tritto, the esteemed tarologist who graced the launch ceremony at the refined Florentine boutique on Lungarno Acciaiuoli, guiding us through the exploration of the Arcana and their profound meanings.

“I believe in attraction,” shares Caterina with a reflective tone. “I believe in the vibrations emitted by our molecules and their interaction with the energy of the cards. I enjoy envisioning that your presence holds sway over the message you need to hear and consequently over the cards you will select. The cards, in essence, mirror what you feel and experience at this moment.” Her words dispel the aura of mysticism, replacing it with the clarity of determination: “No magic is present here, rather a strong will. Nothing holds a deeper significance than the message that, at this precise moment, holds the power and value to influence your thoughts or reinforce your awareness of your identity and the path you are treading. I am merely an interpreter: I decipher the message you have chosen for yourself in this instance.”

But do some Arcana hold more relevance than others? To this question, Caterina responds thoughtfully: “If I were to choose one, I would say the Moon. This card carries significance for numerous reasons: it embodies the slow and steady personal growth, an inner process of evolution. Above it, an abyssal creature emerges, akin to a lobster ascending from the depths of water, from the recesses of the soul, to embrace the light. This imagery symbolizes poetry, writing, dreams, and the opportunities presented daily to cultivate a new world within ourselves.” However, it is the Fool (0) and the World (21) that most explicitly represent the various phases of the human experience within the Major Arcana. Caterina explains: “The Fool, the point of origin and destination, embodies constant flow and becoming. On the other hand, the World, the pinnacle we should aspire to reach, represents culmination, the supreme balance achieved through the integration of myriad elements. In life, nothing should dominate; instead, everything should converge in that ideal harmony—an equilibrium unattainable yet deserving of our perpetual pursuit.”

The craftsmanship of the Tarot cards, a testament to both ancient and enduring wisdom, finds new life through the work of Pineider’s master engravers. The aura of mystery and allure surrounding these cards materializes in the embossed leather case, forming a precious casket for the concealed truths awaiting revelation. Guided by Caterina Tritto’s expertise, the practice of Tarot is not merely a form of divination, but a voyage into introspection, a bridge between the nuances of human energy and the language of the cards. Within each Arcanum resides a reflection of our emotional state, an opportunity for discovery and growth, and the renewed appreciation for the centuries-old art of Tarot captivates and enchants us like never before.

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