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Attention to detail can transform the workplace into a “Realm of Ideas” where you can cultivate your creative potential. Just a few accessories, but the right ones, like those Pineider has created to make the office a unique place.

In September, you won’t miss the beach umbrella: it may sound like one of those ironic challenges that trend on social networks, but it’s far from a Herculean task. It’s just enough to fuel the regained concentration after the summer break with your favorite nourishment for the mind and soul: ideas. “In the last three years,” explains Jonathan Paoli, Pineider’s retail manager, “with the rise of remote working, offices have become more of an ideal realm than a physical one, designed to give life and space to ideas. Now, more than ever, the workplace is where you must truly live your daily life, especially mentally. It’s a place you must truly feel as your own, a physical space where you can give birth to your best ideas because it speaks of you.” Pineider office products are designed for this very purpose because “while they are extremely functional, intended for professionals dealing with daily tasks, they also have an aesthetic element that sets them apart from typical accessories, the same hallmark of our more lifestyle-oriented collections. And, above all, they can be personalized.”

Among the must-haves for the office envisioned by Pineider, the exquisite leather agenda is a must, allowing you to organize your days with style. There’s also the personalized document organizer, equipped with compartments for cards, notes, and pens, or the artistic notebook, inviting creativity by rediscovering the allure of a blank page, along with the indispensable desk pens. “We never forget,” adds Jonathan, “that work often begins on the journey from home. This is why our customers appreciate Pineider briefcases and backpacks, handmade using fine Tuscan leather. They are both functional and beautiful to showcase. It is in this combination that Pineider’s secret lies.”

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