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Our capsule collection, born from the collaboration with Charles Jeffrey, the visionary founder of LOVERBOY, marks a decisive moment in our creative journey. Available for online preorder, this collection is the result of a vibrant encounter between two worlds: our commitment to creating luxury products and Jeffrey’s artistic boldness.

Launched in January at our Milan flagship store, the collaboration immediately captured the interest of critics and the public, generating enthusiasm and appreciation for its originality and boldness. Jeffrey, with his Scottish background and inexhaustible creative spirit, has worked with us to forge a line that celebrates the union of art, fashion, and high-quality craftsmanship.

“Big Beastie,” the unique illustration by Jeffrey, adorns a selection of products ranging from leather goods to accessories, embodying a fantastical creature that captures the gaze with its numerous eyes.

“I wanted to do something that was truly representative of myself and my way of seeing,” Charles told journalists during the launch event, “to interact with or wear these products: I went into the Pineider boutique and, trying them on, I wondered how they could become ‘mine’. I wanted them to be completely immersed in my personality.”

The collection includes essential pieces for business and leisure, such as the Business Duffle, the Crossbody, a Pouch, a Notebook, a Business Card Holder, and a Passport Holder, available in exclusive shades of bottle green and Mini-Franzi black. These items perfectly integrate with our heritage, demonstrating how quality and timeless elegance are values that resonate well beyond Italian borders, captivating the Anglo-Saxon market as well.

The Charles Jeffrey X Pineider “Big Beastie” line is now available exclusively online, offering the chance to purchase limited edition pieces, symbols of unique and distinctive luxury.

We invite you to explore this exclusive collection, a true journey through art and elegance that goes beyond the ordinary. The collaboration between us and Charles Jeffrey represents much more than a simple alliance; it’s a bridge between traditions and innovations, a celebration of luxury with a soul and history. Through this new dimension of the capsule, each item becomes an expression of a unique journey in the world of design and customization, offering a renewed and deeply personal luxury experience.

Pre-sale available.

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