Leather Goods and Florentine craftsmanship

21 May 2024

With a rich history spanning 250 years, Pineider stands as a symbol of Florentine craftsmanship, harmoniously weaving tradition with prestige and quality. Pineider journey isn’t just a geographical voyage; it navigates through the past, present and future of artisanal practices in Florence. Originating in the vibrant heart of Florence, its streets echo legends of the […]

How to Refill Your Ballpoint Pen

11 April 2024

Ballpoint pens are timeless writing instruments, synonymous with style and practicality. Their versatility makes them perfect for all occasions, from jotting down quick reminders to penning lengthy letters. However, to achieve maximum performance and fully utilize their potential, it is crucial to know how to properly refill a ballpoint pen. Below, you’ll find all the […]

Charles Jeffrey, Colab on Arrival

13 March 2024

Our capsule collection, born from the collaboration with Charles Jeffrey, the visionary founder of LOVERBOY, marks a decisive moment in our creative journey. Available for online preorder, this collection is the result of a vibrant encounter between two worlds: our commitment to creating luxury products and Jeffrey’s artistic boldness. Launched in January at our Milan […]

Pineider and The Anarchist

22 January 2024

From our encounter with Charles Jeffrey, the founder of the LOVERBOY brand, a wildly imaginative creative explosion emerged, giving birth to a monstrous yet fascinating capsule collection. Charles Jeffrey only needs sheets of paper and notebooks within arm’s reach to channel his overflowing creative brilliance. No collection by the Scottish fashion designer has ever come […]

Carolina Bucci and Pineider, a Love Story

1 December 2023

From the collaboration between Pineider and Carolina Bucci comes the Lucky Stationery Set, a collection of eight cards dedicated to the origins of the brand founded by the Florentine designer. Carolina Bucci has nurtured her passion for handwriting and the history of Florentine stationery for years using Pineider products, to the point of wanting to […]

Paper off the Wall: Pineider X Colony

From a shared passion for decoration and handwriting, an exclusive collection of notebooks has been created in collaboration with Colony, an Italian brand of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers. It is a “beyond the wall” cross-contamination, in every sense, between Colony, an Italian brand of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers known worldwide for its contemporary classic style, […]

Ask People who knows: 5 xmas presents by Pineider

30 November 2023

The Ideal Surprise? We asked our boutique colleagues what are the most recommended Christmas gifts for enthusiasts in search of originality. Here’s their very own ranking. THE DUFFLE BAG Gloria, senior sales assistant at the Florence boutique, has no doubts: ‘The Pineider duffle bag is one of our unmistakable best sellers. With it, you can’t […]

Our story, for you

10 November 2023

On the occasion of the upcoming Black Friday, Pineider is opening its archives to the public for an exclusive private sale full of unique and iconic pieces. The founding of Pineider is an important chapter in the history of Tuscan tannery, one of the most sought-after and exclusive manufacturing traditions in the luxury world centered […]

Writing Badly to Self Love

30 October 2023

Pineider and Tatuaggimale launch a collaboration dedicated to primal writing, a tribute to the love of a gesture born with the sole purpose of changing the world. With words. The passion for handwriting in all its forms has led Pineider to encounter creatives of all kinds united by the search for a new raison d’être […]

Would a Pen By Any Other Name Smell As Sweet? (It Seems Unlikely)

16 October 2023

Pineider, the luxury leather-goods maker and purveyor of exquisite writing instruments, brings their distinctly Florentine artistry to the New World. By Daniele Delerme Flores On a recent visit to Pineider’s new atelier at Rockefeller Center in the heart of Manhattan – new, of course, being a relative term as the location has been open for […]