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From a shared passion for decoration and handwriting, an exclusive collection of notebooks has been created in collaboration with Colony, an Italian brand of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.

It is a “beyond the wall” cross-contamination, in every sense, between Colony, an Italian brand of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers known worldwide for its contemporary classic style, and Pineider. This unique art notebook collection, born from this meeting, is characterized by three distinct chapters that explore the artistic universe of Colony: Pomegranate, Poppies, and Sogi. Each design encapsulates a unique story, inspired by nature, tradition, and culture. The pomegranate design, for example, a symbol of prosperity and wellbeing, is masterfully represented in a notebook whose cover is adorned with a refined calf leather border, a distinctive sign of Pineider’s tradition. The “Poppies” notebook, on the other hand, is a tribute to spring: the edge of the pages, painted in a bright orange, creates a perfect balance with the brilliant green of the leaves. The third model, “Sogi,” celebrates the influence of Eastern culture with an evocative design inspired by the paintings of Ogata Kōrin.

We asked Gabriele Roscioli, the son of the founder Sandro and now at the helm of Colony, to tell us about the creation of this collection.

What are the values that Colony and Pineider have in common?

“There is a deep affinity between the identities of Pineider and Colony that stems from the ability to narrate classicism in a new and current key, but always sophisticated and elegant. Then, the ‘obsession’ towards high-quality craftsmanship, unique in the world and representative of the diverse Italian creativity. These are the elements that led to a natural meeting between the magic of Pineider notebooks and the refined patterns of Colony, resulting in these precious collectible notebooks.”

How important is handwriting in your personal life?

“Although, unfortunately, my handwriting is not the best, writing and its tools have always intrigued me, so much so that as a child I had a small collection of fountain pens. For us at Colony, writing, in its expression of drawing, is a fundamental part. The patterns, in fact, all start from hand-drawn designs by our style center and the reality of Pineider is a great source of inspiration for us.”

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