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The Ideal Surprise? We asked our boutique colleagues what are the most recommended Christmas gifts for enthusiasts in search of originality.

Here’s their very own ranking.


Gloria, senior sales assistant at the Florence boutique, has no doubts: ‘The Pineider duffle bag is one of our unmistakable best sellers. With it, you can’t go wrong, in all its versions. There’s the more rigid, unisex one, designed to hold documents but also as a comfortable weekend travel bag. Perfect for the manager who needs plenty of space without divisions or bellows, but also for the lawyer who needs to carry heavy legal tomes with him at all times, the duffle bag is a perfect shopping companion, in its softer, sporty, and casual version.’


Notebook Pop a righe

Alessandra, manager of our Rome store, opts for one of the most classic writing tools: ‘The Pineider Pop notebook, in our pebbled leather with a handy matching elastic. I prefer it in Iconic Rose color because it expresses the more romantic and sweet side of ‘girls’ of all ages and is a color that goes well with everything. Moreover, once personalized, it is embellished with gold initials, giving it an extra touch. A notebook can accompany various moments of the day, the more challenging ones related to work, but also those of leisure and relaxation. My recommendation is to fill it only with beautiful and positive thoughts!’


Penna Stilografica Arco Oak

Manlio, a new entry at the Pineider Store in Milan, has a soft spot for fountain pens: ‘They can have a thousand looks, but they remain a symbol, that of the attitude of taking our time and giving it to others. With the arrival of smartphones, we have lost the desire to give value to what we write, many, too many, are the words we type every day, not to mention neologisms and Anglicisms. A fountain pen represents nostalgia for the essentiality of writing and for the weight of each word. But without giving up technology, because our pens are innovative, lightweight, agile on the paper, and coated in super-resistant resins.’


Porta carte Collezione Mini Franzi

Loredana, our corporate gift expert, always advises small leather goods for a distinctive Christmas present: ‘A business card holder, for example: a compact, elegant, practical object that adapts to any occasion. Pineider card holders are works of art, completely handmade and extremely versatile: there are the simple ones for just credit cards and business cards, or the more structured ones with snap closures and zips to also hold coins. They are the ideal companions for those who love organization without sacrificing style. They are professional, but also personal items. Moreover, like all Pineider products, they can be immediately personalized with the initials of the person to whom they are destined.’


Agenda Giornaliera Milano 2024 - 17x24 cm

Paolo, store manager of Pineider Milan, challenges digitalized managers: ‘Giving a paper diary is a bit like going back in time. It is an ancient practice that makes every appointment more ‘yours.’ Calendars on smartphones make events the same, flatten the lived experience, instead the paper diary – whether weekly, monthly, or daily – ties you to the experiences through the act of writing. But most importantly, I don’t know anyone who throws away their old handwritten diaries full of intimate memories. What luxury and taste to go back and read them?'”

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