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Created to make a journey around the world unforgettable, the Pineider travel bags set is also perfect for enriching a domestic environment with valuable content.

Pineider travel bags evoke intrinsic elegance, a sophisticated combination of style and functionality. Each bag carries the genetic heritage of sophisticated and courageous explorers, heroes of an era when travel was an art and adventure a way of life. Today, the value of time itself is at stake: “Just as the anticipation of pleasure is pleasure itself, during the journey, the transfer becomes the pinnacle of this pleasure,” explains Jonathan Paoli, Pineider’s retail manager.

“And that’s why we wanted to rediscover the essence of handmade luggage, with a wooden soul and lining made with our leathers, from Bottalato to Mini Franzi. We thought of offering our clientele sets that truly provide priceless satisfaction in both travel and domestic use of this precious set.”

Domestic use, as tradition dictates: “Pineider suitcases can become marvelous and incomparable decorative accessories when placed in the living room, bedroom, or even the office. The 3 trunks (large, medium, and small) and the beauty case blend perfectly with both neoclassical and minimalist modern environments, to be reinterpreted with the rediscovery of travel as a dimension of life. In fact, their design harkens back to that of common trunks from the past: they can become a dismantlable display furnishing.

” The technical characteristics of this set should not be overlooked: “For example, on the brushed brass closures, we wanted to maintain the highest quality and functional standard because comfort is now the primary requirement of luxury.

Pineider is one of the pioneering brands of Florentine luxury luggage, and with this collection, we pay tribute to a centuries-old tradition that has brought us to 2023, quite literally… in the palm of our hand!”

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