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Offering a mere freebie isn’t enough to foster customer loyalty anymore. From large corporations to small professional firms, the quest for the perfect “cadeau” has become an opportunity to distinguish oneself and tell a story—with generosity. Here’s how Pineider caters to the most discerning businesses.

How you surprise your clients reveals what kind of company you are. When it comes to defining the mystique of corporate gifting, it’s not just about “loyalty”; there’s much more at play: brand awareness, the reliability of services and goods offered, recognizability, positioning, and the assertion of a company’s untapped potential towards its customers. Furthermore, the proliferation of low-cost gadget offerings has flattened the originality of corporate gifts, rendering them, for many, a pointless cliché. The world of corporate gifting has now become a premier league, where what distinguishes itself is the prestige of the brand chosen as a partner, craftsmanship, and quality.

In Pineider’s century-long history, creating products for businesses, regardless of their size, has held a significant place since its inception. It’s essential to know that a collection of corporate gifts demands the same expertise and level of craftsmanship as the seasonal collections showcased in our physical and digital storefronts. “In fact,” explains Gerardo Viviano, Pineider’s Production Director, “it can be said that the research and resources invested in these projects are even greater. Moreover, it’s not just about corporate gifting; it also includes office accessories, meeting room furnishings, and hotel furnishings, among many other products. It ranges from agendas to notebooks, from pens to small leather goods used as ‘luxury gadgets.’ They turn to Pineider because they seek a prestigious brand with a history and manufacturing tradition equally important to enhance their clientele.”


In Pineider, a company receives the same treatment as a customer seeking something unique. “They come to us with their idea,” Gerardo continues, “and we assess the level of personalization together, from the company’s logo on a pen to the customer’s initials, or even a completely new product. This is the most captivating work for our team of artisans, such as the design of a writing desk or a passion box, which involves intricate geometries and materials ranging from wood to paper. Among the emerging businesses, the hotel industry stands out: we create furnishings for the desk and bedside table, pencils, pens, notepads, and hotel letterhead. We are sought after by major corporations, banks and insurance groups, as well as smaller professionals, from notary offices to accountants, for whom we personalize everything from letter paper to business cards.”

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