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We have founded the first Pineider’s blog, a tribute to the history of the brand, to the secrets of handwriting and to the culture of Florentine craftsmanship.


Dear friend,

Starting today we want to give voice to our centennial history and our love for craftsmanship through a constant, contemporary and detailed story. “Digital is the immutable realm of anonymity, manual writing that of unrepeatable singularities that rebel against the mechanism of seriality and correspond to authentic luxury”, wrote Enrico Dal Buono in Pineider’s “Manifesto” that the great Pierfrancesco Favino interpreted for us.
Our first blog was therefore born to tell the story, the characteristics and the craftsmanship of tools and accessories that make life an intertwining of passions. Indeed, Pineider is a kaleidoscope of precious products, experiences and traditions united by a passion for life and for luxury, which is the ability to know how to make every moment important: at work, in your free time, during a trip. It is an attitude that at Pineider we call culture. This is why we felt the need to tell you who we are, where we come from, what we do and why we do it through a weekly appointment. We will talk about writing, craftsmanship and research, we will listen to the advice of experts, we will study etiquette, we will learn about the secrets of ink and paper, but also the difference between the materials that make our products unique, eternal and precisely for this reason sustainable.


…Enjoy the reading!


Giuseppe Rossi

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