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We asked Paolo, the store manager of our Milan boutique, which gifts a dad will never forget.

«That for the children is the greatest love of all, for this reason every gift I have received from Gaia is an indelible memory». Paolo Percudani, store manager of the Pineider boutique in Milan, prepares every year for Father’s Day by thinking of his daughter, who is now a graduate student ready to enter the world of work and who every March 19 «continues to surprise me with his original thoughts,” he adds. “From my experience, I’m sure it’s same thing for all the dads in the world.” And so, when we asked for advice on the best gift to give to a father, Paolo is ready to rattle off his own little list of ideas “that you can’t go wrong with”. Here they are:

1) A personalized pen: «It was the first gift that Gaia gave me for Father’s Day, a dedication was engraved on it. I advise customers to customize the models in our range of Avatar pens, which were born for customization, like all our products after all»

2) A pocket accessory: «Something that a father always carries with him when he travels, to keep him company at work or in his free time. I always recommend starting from the essential needs, those of the “carry something”: a wallet, a key ring, a passport holder… All accessories that Pineider is able to customize».

3) A board game: «Our children know how much we fathers like to play. It’s in our nature, even as we grow up. This is why Pineider has dedicated a collection of accessories to the most traditional games, ennobling even the most common with its precious materials: from trump cards to poker ones, from backgammon to the Florentine game of the goose. Perhaps it is the idea that can do for you».

4) A touch of style in the office: «For those who have a father who spends most of his time sitting at his desk, there is no more exciting gift than an object that reminds him of his loved ones in the workplace: the picture frame of leather for a photograph, but also functional accessories such as the mouse pad, the desk pad, the business card holder and many other office products from the Pineider catalogue».

5) A handwritten letter: «That’s right, a handwritten letter. It is the thought that counts: that of a grown-up son who wants to create an adult dialogue with his father, on an equal footing, in which he can share confidences and ask for advice. Find the words and we’ll take care of the rest.

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