Gifts for Writers by Pineider

21 November 2023

The art of writing is one of the most refined and meaningful forms of expression, and gifting something extraordinary to a talented writer is a unique opportunity to frame their creative genius with a touch of timeless elegance. Pineider, with its 100-year legacy of handcrafted excellence, stands out as the epitome of luxury and refinement […]

Best 10 personalized graduation gift pens

Graduation is a moment of triumph and accomplishment, a milestone in every individual’s education. It is a celebration of the hard work, dedication and commitment put into achieving an ambitious goal. In this context, choosing the perfect gift is of significant importance. Pineider personalized pens, a symbol of style and elegance, stand out as one […]

The invention of writing: from birth to the present day

Writing, fascinating and intrinsic to the human essence, represents one of the most significant evolutionary steps taken by humankind throughout its history. Through the intricate web of graphic signs, human beings have been able to fix their ideas, thoughts and knowledge on material supports, thus enabling stable communication across time and space. In this article, […]

The art of fountain pen writing

Fountain pen writing is an ancient form of expression that has its roots in the past. But what exactly is meant by “fountain pen writing”? This term conjures up images of elegance, precision, and refinement, but how is the fountain pen related to these qualities? Discover the secrets of this refined art form in this […]

The best ballpoint pens of 2023 by Pineider

3 July 2023

In this article, we will explore Pineider’s best ballpoint pens, characterized by exquisite design and exceptional elegance. All Pineider pens are made in Italy, with meticulous attention to detail and the ability to be refilled, ensuring a superlative writing experience. In addition, our ballpoint pens make a highly prestigious gift option suitable for any occasion. […]

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How to refill a cartridge fountain pen

17 May 2023

In the wonderful world of calligraphy, writing is art, and each stroke is a work of art in itself. When you use a high-quality fountain pen to write, you learn to appreciate its elegance and functionality and, therefore, you need to take good care of it. It is therefore important to refill the pen, refill […]

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Guide to the Perfect Personalized Engraving Fountain Pen

20 April 2023

Fountain pens are a timeless symbol of elegance and refinement, a tribute to the beauty of the past that is still appreciated and loved today. However, personalized fountain pens are even more special because they not only express one’s personality but also encapsulate a meaning that only the owner can fully understand. Nothing can equate […]

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