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Avatar Traveler combines the typical characteristics of the avatar collection, resistance of the material, magnetic closure, clip with refined mechanics, a filling system that allows not only a great autonomy of writing, but also a great safety use. Travel without the worry of having ink leaks and without to be obliged to carry your fountain pen in an upright position.

In addition to safety, one of the most important features of the Avatar Traveler is the filling system, called Twin Tank Touchdown, which allows you to choose two different writing ways: short writing and long writing, which are activated thanks to an ingenious mechanism inside of the caseback. It allows you to open and close the ink passage quickly and intuitively. If you want to reload the writing part, then the front tank is enough to rotate the bottom counterclockwise a few degrees and a spring positions the mechanism in the open position. To force the ink towards the nib, you can press it 2 or 3 times without insisting because it is not necessary. To return it to the closed position, press it, making sure that the pawls are aligned, and rotate it a few degrees about ¼ of a turn to lock it without forcing it.

Twin Tanks Touchdown instructions for use

  • FILLING THE PEN: The plunger works with a distinctive mechanism; pressing the seal creates a vacuum which leads to the ink section. When you want to load the pen, you have to rotate the bottom counterclockwise until the spring releases it and pushes it upwards. Once the ink has completely covered the section, just press the back and tighten it by turning it to the LOCK position (In short writing mode).
  • SHORT WRITING: In the short writing position, the pen writes for a few pages in complete safety because the plunger closes the ink duct and protects the pen from ink leaks due to pressure (For this reason the pen is safe even during flights and during any temperature change). The caseback is positioned on LOCK.
  • LONG WRITING: In the long writing position, the plunger frees the duct and allows the passage of ink with an autonomy of 5 or 6 cartridges. The caseback is positioned on OPEN. When you finish writing, we advise you to reposition it on LOCK.
  • REFUELING: In the Long writing position, by pressing the bottom 2 or 3 times you can refuel the small tank if all its contents have been used. If you want, on the contrary, empty it, just do the same operation keeping the nib pointing upwards.
  • USE IN PLANE: in the short writing position if you want to refuel the small front tank during flights, position the nib upwards and rotate the bottom to long writing (OPEN), turn the pen and proceed as in the previous point.

Material: The material is a mother-of-pearl and resin compound developed in Florence for Pineider which we called UltraResin. A rigid material, resistant to shocks, oils, inks, electricity, high and low temperatures, ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents. The chrome effect and bright colors combined with the resistance and particularity of the material makes this pen of great taste but suitable for everyday use.

Colors: The collection consists of 4 colors: Forest green, Neptune Blue, Devil Red, Full Clear Demo.

Clip: The sophisticated steel clip, which recalls a feather, is empowered by a mechanism inside the cap, with a magnet that always brings the clip back to the same position.

Eternity: Finely engraved with the Florence skyline.

Packaging: Elegant Pineider box.

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