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Choices are not between past and future. Choices are between time and nothing. If you choose time, it will tell. If you choose nothing, it will be silent forever. Because storytelling first of all means to recount: lining up events, dividing moments into the before and the after, giving meaning to the chaos of our experiences on this shapeless earth.

History began with the first word ever written and will finish on a blank sheet of paper. History, that is, began with the ambition that makes our species so different from all the others: to last beyond our lifetime. Writing is more than just letters and numbers.

History is a humming choir of pens that sings about time across pages, an ancient dance of the alphabet directed by punctuation: words that stop for a question, then start again with the new-found certainty of a capital letter; words that hesitate over a comma; words that after a line break, jump into the abyss of their tomorrow.

In today’s digital age, when words can be reproduced infinitely and freely wander in cyberspace, the paper, and the pen preserves the fragile beauty of something that cannot be replicated. The slanted “l”, the whimsical “g”, the slight smear of ink, the distance between words: these are the fingerprints of the human personality. We don’t have a body: we are bodies. Exposed to bad weather and injuries, a body becomes damaged, a body to be looked after. Pineider takes care of our essence, unique and mortal.

The digital world gives anonymity a free reign, whereas writing manually is a dimension of unrepeatable singularities. Writing a simple note by hand becomes a subversive gesture, a way to claim one’s unique quality. Holding a pen, we expose ourselves to the risk of loss and devote ourselves to a certainty of the never again. This decision is what rebels against the mechanism of regularity, and corresponds with authentic luxury.

Enrico Dal Buono

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