Tempi Moderni: the new Pineider pen

1 June 2023

Meet the new entry in the Pineider family: a pen inspired by the fuselage of the first jet aircraft. To make the handwriting even lighter and more comfortable. Since 1774 Pineider has been launching some of the most iconic pens ever without giving up on technological research and innovation. In fact, the Florentine artisans has enriched their products thanks to the discovery of new production processes and cutting-edge materials, while respecting the traditional stylistic features of the masterpieces that have enhanced their prestige. In the last four years, some revolutionary pens have appeared on the shelves of our boutiques, from the prestigious range of the “Great Beauty” to the colorful “Avatar”, which have brought to the fore innovative materials such as forged carbon or Zeolite. But it was only the beginning of a new story… Now the wait is over. We’re pleased to introduce a new entry in the Pineider Family: Tempi Moderni, a pen whose design is inspired by the fuselage of the first jet plane. Since luxury stands for the pleasure of following our passions, this project is nothing but maximum comfort in handwriting. In fact, the triangular shape of the barrel and the rounded corners gives Tempi Moderni an immediate sense of comfort never experienced before in a Pineider pen: it’s an isosceles triangle in ratio 1.32:1, so the base gives a wide support for the fingers. Tempi Moderni has also been provided an ergonomic grip: thumb, forefinger and middle finger find a perfect writing position on the three sides of the pen. The Handling is extremely functional: conceived by the pen master Dante Del Vecchio, the shape of Tempi Moderni facilitates clip opening in order to be easly stored in the pocket., while a double magnet system guarantees a stable and secure closure. Tempi Moderni is available as Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint and Pencil: a complete set for all kind of writing.     Aggiungi ai preferiti

Tempi moderni